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I've Got Friends by The Lovegoods

This year I collaborated with the amazing band The Lovegoods on a music video for their beautiful song I've Got Friends. The Lovegoods are a Wizard Rock band, and Luna Lovegood's ceiling painting of her friends in the 6th Harry Potter book was the inspiration behind this song. It celebrates how friends become our family. I was super inspired by this message, as someone who has lost a lot of family members. I have so many incredible friends in my life, old and new, who really make me feel like I still have a giant interconnected constellation of family surrounding me.

I think this message (in this song and in HP especially speaks to a lot of queer people who have been estranged from their biological family for one reason or another and underlines how amazing chosen families (especially when they're full of queers, weirdos and allies) can be. That's why it's ever so hurtful that the author of HP JK Rowling has taken up a crappy anti-Trans platform! Trans people are so extra likely to be disowned by their family, and are already so marginalized just for being themselves, that it's super weird that someone in such a position of privilege and power would choose to attack and invalidate them. The Lovegoods and I decided to send a message of support our trans friends, and all trans people in the world through this video, and The Lovegoods donated all proceeds from the sale of this single during the month of June to Camp Lilac.

You can check out the video below and purchase the single here:

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