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A Dreamer Lives A Double Life

A Dreamer Lives A Double Life


A giclee print of my collage A Dreamer Lives A Doublee Life, 8" x 10" with a 1" border, digital print on matte photo paper.


This collage was inspired by the experience of being isolated throughout the pandemic and finding solace and joy and a sense of connection with others (some of whom are no longer living) in dreams. Some of these dreams were uncannily lifelike and I awoke feeling as though I had truly been with those people. Which made me wonder - if maintaining psychological relationships in dreams evokes the same feelings as it does in “real” life, who’s to say our dreams aren’t a type of “real” second life?


Pictured in this collage is the Exotic Skin Shop, a little old tattoo shop at the corner of King and Ottawa that has been there forever. A masked person looks out through thee blinds across the street as a bus displays "Lest We Forget". Above is a striking sunset. Dream images include Chico the cat lounging in a duvet and photos of plant life taken at the Grand River Hospital cancer centre.

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