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Go Inward

Go Inward


A giclee print of my collage Go Inward, 8"x10" with a 1" border, digital print on matte photo paper. 


This image was created specifically for a banner in the Art Walk Promenade in Waterloo Park. I was really inspired by this because I've spent so much time in Waterloo park in my life and have lots of great memories in it. I grew up near the park, hung out there with friends as a teenager, walked through it to get to the University as a student and lived a few blocks from it in my first apartment with my wife. Some of my most profound memories are of solitary walks through the tree-lined trails surrounding Silver Lake, where I would get lost in my thoughts and have vivid creative inspirations or insights into my personal life. These walks sparked the line “go inward” - which calls the viewer both to enter the park but also enter their own mind and memories. 


I accessed the digital archives from Waterloo Public Library to find this fabulous image from an undated postcard of a little shady dirt trail that still existed up until about a decade ago on the side of silver lake where now stands the Perimeter Institute and a really nice paved pathway. Surrounding the scene of the trail are images representing the thoughts in my mind - random cheap craft supplies (for all the wacky ideas for art projects I’ve had walking in the park), cats, etc. The letters on the beads represent the names of my son, wife, late parents, siblings and friends.

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