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Nature's Turn

Nature's Turn


A giclee print of my collage Nature's Turn, 8" x 10" with a 1" border, digital print on matte photo paper.


The house in this image stood on Dorset street, kinda behind Jane Bond, kinda across the street from the Waterloo Library for decades. It must have at one time been a lovely house but in the early 2000s when I found myself at a party in it thrown by some nice hippie grad students I didn't know it had already fallen into disrepair. I remember sitting in an upstairs room filled with plants and tons of windows. As a joint was passed around people told each other about themselves and I looked out at the night sky. By the 2010s after it was bought by a developer and boarded up, slowly but surely nature took it back. The facade crumbled, the glass cracked, the paint wore away and a thick carpet of green enveloped the house in a smothering embrace and when I saw it in this shape I thought of all the different people who had lived in this house throughout its lifetime and grieved for it's emptiness but knew it was nature's turn with the house. It's gone now and a fancy schmancy new condo with a racing stallion painted on its side stands there now. Underneath the stallion are the words "The Jewel Of The City".

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