for Night/Shift, 2017

For the amazing and sadly no longer active Kitchener art festival Night/Shift I created this gigantic (6' x 15') banner inspired by quilts, Bikini Kill and protest banners. It hung on the side of the old Goudie's building (at that time J&P Grocers) and was lit by a psychedelic swirling multicoloured light all night long.

Resist Psychic Death Banner


Co-created with Allie Brenner and Alex Lobraico for Night/Shift, 2016

For Night/Shift 2016 I collaborated with fellow artist and friend Allie Brenner and Alex Lobraico to create a short film featuring different forms of animation and video, which was then projected on a large blow up movie screen in an alley way of downtown Kitchener over night for Night\Shift. Allie generously taught me how to create stop-motion animation for this piece and I've done it ever since. Cut + Paste was all about the history of Kitchener-Waterloo, and especially all the construction that was going on at the time.

Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 2.39.12 PM.png


Steel Rails, 2015

For Steel Rails 2015 I collaborated with fellow artists and friends Caroline Wesley, Dan Schickerowsky, Ryan King, Molly Patterson and Dustin Windibank to create an immersive art installation. Inside a shipping container on an industrial lot, we exhibited collages from the Eat Me Famous zine, had food sculptures displayed throughout and gave a live performance of food-related songs by Agile Like This - complete with bread-based instruments.

Eat Me Famous 3.jpg
Eat Me Famous Zines.JPG
Eat Me Famous wall.jpg
Eat Me Famous MWL.jpg
Eat Me Famous 7.jpg
Eat Me Famous 6.jpg
Eat Me Famous 5.jpg
Eat Me Famous 2.jpg
Eat Me Famous 3.jpg
Eat Me Famous.jpg



Steel Rails, 2016

For Steel Rails 2016 I collaborated with my wife and fellow artist Andrea Hawkins to create "Our Dear Leader" - an immersive installation on a train car from Waterloo to St Jacob's. Our Dear Leader imagined a horrible future in which Trump had taken over, and we weren't allowed to criticize him. So a group of artists called Futurist Artists Revering Trump (F.A.R.T.) Society went overboard with their reverence, festooning the space with "celebratory" images of Our Dear Leader", paper chains made of newspaper headlines (collected by my Mom) featuring Trump, and we even gave out Trump Bux! The cool new currency in this Trumpian era.

Our Dear Leader 4.jpg
Trump Bux!
Scene From The Train
Andrea posing with her cache of Trump cash and her Trump art!
Scene from the train - Trump newspaper headline chains.
Futurist Artists Revering Trump
Celebrating our victory with fellow drag artists Miss Taken and Nico Lavender.


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