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Curriculum Vitae

CV: Welcome

Ellie Anglin

Kitchener, Ontario

(519) 591-1502


  • Text Collective, (collaborative zine, curated by Lauren Prousky), Button Factory Arts, 2022

  • QueerKPL Zine, (collaborative zine), Kitchener Public Library, 2021

  • The Four Muses Series (four zines about celebrities), 2021

  • The Quilts of Margaret Anglin, collection of our Mom’s quilts with stories, 2020

  • Here We Are In Kitchener, collaborative zine about Kitchener made at KPL, 2019

  • The Crybaby Songbook, program for Live Viewing Party of Crybaby at KPL, 2019

  • Feel Your Fantasy #1 & #2, co-editor and contributing artist, Drag fanzine, 2017-2018

  • Bent, collaborative zine by queer folks of KW made at Button Factory Arts, 2016

  • Secrets: Surviving Jian Ghomeshi, collection of responses by survivors, 2016

  • The Golden Bat, KW themed chapbook containing local artists and writers, 2013

  • Tender Buttons, hand bound short fiction illustrated with collage, 2012

  • Kitty Doodles #1, #2, #3 and #4, mini cat comedy series, 2010 - 2017

  • Scared of My Mate, Co-publisher of Quarterly KW Arts Zine, 2006 – 2008

Public Presentation

  • Gauze Brain, multimedia fibre and paper art installation at Studio FuZion as part of Cha Cha Real Smooth: Art With Instructions, curated by Lauren Prousky, 2023

  • A Dreamer Lives A Double Life, collage exhibited in a GRT shelter paired with poetry by Jyoti Adnani, part of the Destination Art program from Button Factory Arts, 2023

  • Go Inward, collage exhibited in the Art Walk Promenade in Waterloo Park, 2023

  • VBC x Ellie Anglin, (three collages exhibited at King MacKay Gallery, Vintage Black Canada pop up), 2023

  • Five Star Rating, (performance art video as part of the collective Artificial Intelligence 2.0), 2023

  • To Be Missed In The End, (stop motion music video for Barzin), 2022

  • I’ve Got Friends, (stop motion music video for The Lovegoods), 2021

  • My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell, (stop-motion music video), Nick Storring, 2020

  • Quilted Histories, (co-curated memorial exhibit of Mom’s quilts), Button Factory Arts, 2020

  • Sometimes Late At Night, (stop-motion music video), Agile Like This, 2019

  • Time Moves Both Ways, (collages), QR8KW, Kitchener Market, 2019

  • Wrestling With Flowers, (fourteen paintings of gender), Grand Trunk, Toronto, 2018

  • Resist Psychic Death, (large scale banner), Night Shift, Kitchener 2018

  • Queer Canada (four collages & biographies), Button Factory Arts, Waterloo, 2017

  • Our Dear Leader (multi-media installation), “Steel Rails”, Waterloo, 2017

  • Orchard, (stop-motion music video), Eiyn Sof, Waterloo, 2017

  • Cut + Paste, Stop Motion Animation, “Night\Shift”, Kitchener, 2016

  • Ze Cats, public mural in the window of The Princess Cafe, Waterloo, 2016

  • Eat Me Famous, A visual and performance art installation, “Steel Rails”, Kitchener, 2016

  • Sad Graffiti, Photographic Projection of KW Graffiti, “Night\Shift”, Kitchener, 2015

  • Dream Visions, an Exhibition of Collages, Jane Bond, Waterloo, 2015

  • Co-created Parkdale community plaques, Toronto, 2012

  • “Cat Me If You Can” co-wrote and performed song with Agile Like This for video by artist Michael Mouris, 2006 

Visual Art Publications

  • “Smoking by Numbers” (Collage & Writing), Text Collective, Kitchener 2022

  • “The Future Is Fluid” (Digital Design), Wallpaper for Flare Magazine, Toronto 2018

  • “Downtown Live” (Collage), Artwork for City of Kitchener event guide, Kitchener, 2017

  • “Om in Vic Park” (Collage), Poster for City of Kitchener event, Kitchener, 2017

  • “Love” (Collage) Static Zine, Toronto, 2016

  • “Num Nums” (Collage) Static Zine, Toronto, 2015

  • “Neeed” (Collage) Steel Bananas, Toronto, 2012

  • “Toothvalanche” (Collage) The Hart House Review, Toronto, 2012

  • “Flower Spectrum” (Collage) Cover, Blueprint Magazine, Waterloo, 2011

  • “LaToya Jackson” (Illustration) Broken Pencil 49, Toronto, 2011

  • “i okay, you okay” (Collage) Blueprint Magazine, Waterloo, 2010

Literary Publications

  • “Time Moves Both Ways” (Creative Non-Fiction) Textile Magazine, Kitchener 2019

  • “Stray” (Fiction) Little Brother, Toronto, August 2012

  • “Precious Moments” (Fiction) Steel Bananas, Toronto, July 2012

  • “Mad Love at ValuMart” (Short Story) fuss magazine, Waterloo, March 2012

  • “On Construction” (Short Story) Blueprint Magazine, March, Waterloo 2012

  • “HOWL WOLF” (Paired Poems) Papirmasse, February, Montreal 2012

  • “A Fag Is Born” (Article) Broken Pencil Magazine, Toronto, July 2011


  • Artist and Writer, Self-employed, 2010 - Present

  • Senior Library & Marketing Assistant, Kitchener Public Library, 2017 - Present

  • Artist-Educator & Tour Guide, Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, 2017

  • Program Facilitator & Lecturer, 2007 - Present

  • Event Producer, Queer Parking, YAASSS KWEEN, Art Bloc, Crybaby, Queer in KW, 2015 - Present

  • Founder, The KW Zine Library  2016 - Present

  • Creator, The Waterloser, 2013 - 2016

  • Coordinator, Arts & Events, Parkdale Village BIA, 2011-2012

  • Publishing Intern, Broken Pencil Magazine, 2011

  • Marketing and Development Coordinator, Queen West Art Crawl, 2010 – 2011


20 Years of Independent Art Practice, 2000 - Present

Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, University of Waterloo, 2005-2010

Honours, Accomplishments and Press

  • Recipient of a grant from Waterloo Region’s Art Fund for the creation of Reproduction, 2023

  • Recipient of a Pat The Dog microgrant for creation of Reproduction zine, 2023

  • Completed the Text Collective residency, Button Factory Arts, 2022

  • The Four Muses, shortlisted for Best Fanzine, Broken Pencil Zine Awards, 2022

  • Materialism manuscript appraised by Kitchener Public Library’s Writer In Residence Kamal Al-Solaylee, 2021

  • Article, My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell, National Sawdust, 2020

  • Article, Quilts of Comfort, The Record and The Toronto Star, 2019

  • Winner of Best Local Writer, in Best of WR 2017 issue of The Community Edition

  • Nominated for Best Visual Artist, Best Craftsperson, Best Blog (The Waterloser), Best Social Media Account (The Waterloser) and Best Party (YAAASSSS KWEEN) in #bestofWR2016 issue of The Community Edition

  • Nominated for Arts Award Waterloo Region for Best Visual Artist, 2016

  • Review of Secrets in Broken Pencil Magazine, 2016

  • Interview, Zines Defined, CULTKW, 2017 <

  • Interview, KW’s Zine Scene, The Community Edition, 2016 <>

  • Subject of the first instalment of the “Artin’ Around” article series in The Community Edition, 2015 <>

  • Review of The Golden Bat, Weird Canada, 2014 <

  • Recipient of the Toronto Arts Council grant for Emerging Artists, 2011

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